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  • Dr. Joe Malone

Women and Men: Our Differences are Our Strengths

“The chief purpose of education is to teach young people the right things to find pleasure in.”PLATO

Shared Battles of the Sexes Discovery of the Common Battles

From the dawn of human history, we men and women have depended on each other for our mutual success and, yes, even our mutual survival. Quite literally we would not still be here as a species if this was not so. There has had to be a certain amount of sexual empathy, sexual respect, and sexual synergy for a long time for us to be where we are today.

Yet, over the last several decades it seems there has been a growing inability in some quarters of Western society to see the strengths and talents in the other sex. Some women would agree with the phrase “women are from Earth and men are from somewhere close to Uranus.” To some degree they have a point. I know as a man there are many things I have said and done that I would like to take back. On the other hand, as is the case for all humans, women aren’t perfect either (except for my wife). Some men think that women are manipulative and less than honest in their relationships. I am sure there are also women out there who would like to take back some of the things they have said or done.

Whatever happened to the sentiment of ‘can’t we all just get along?’

Could much of this negativity come from a colossal nature-nurture-based misunderstanding between the sexes that we may now have the scientific knowledge to clear up? Specifically, could both sexes be victims of, and be struggling and battling with, ancient drives and inclinations that no longer match modern culture and that can cause damage to the other sex? Could education about the human sexual nature each of us has inherited be helpful in this regrettable situation?

We strongly believe this to be the case.

A major hope of Battles of the Sexes is to be a uniting and reconciling force between women and men. We believe that women and men are all in this thing called life together in the twenty-first century and always have been in it together. As a result, we hope to educate adults (especially young adults) on healthy relationships and in so doing raise their sexual empathy, sexual respect, and ultimately their sexual synergy in everyday friendly relationships with members of the opposite sex, and eventually within the context of romantic love relationships.

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