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Sex in Our Culture and Lives Through the Lens of Science

"Sexual wellness is sexual integrity, 

and the science proves it."

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Dr. Joe Speaks

Dr. Joe addresses the tough social topic of sex in our culture and lives through the lens of sexual wellness, sexual integrity, and science.


In modern culture, sexual views and opinions have been weaponized to push cultural shifts and agendas. Dr. Joe equips his audiences to fight back with information and facts based on science.

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In-Person Events

Dr. Joe brings over 30 years of expertise in the education and speaking industries addressing the tough topics of sexual health and wellness.


Joe's counter cultural research, findings, and teaching help inform and empower men and women with understanding on sex, how it has been used in culture as a weapon, and how the right perspective on sex will lead to a healthier life physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Dr. Joe has prepared several talks to address female, male, and mixed audiences. Tailored topic specific talks available upon request.

Live speaking fees include all expenses. Additional travel fee assessed for events booked less than 60 days out.

Virtual / Online

Zoom / Skype / Other

Whether speaking to a larger or smaller group virtually, Dr. Joe delivers a powerful talk to equip both men and women in navigating the topic of sexual wellness. He's passionate about helping men and women break free from misconceptions of sex within our society and the damage that it can have on their lives.

There's been a coordinated attack on American's perception of sex and how it fits into their lives. The effects are far reaching affecting marriages, careers, family, children, and even our local communities. It's time for that to change.

Virtual Event Speaking is based on event size accomodating both small and large events. If you have a question, just inquire. Dr. Joe believes this material needs to reach everyone possible.

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