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Battles of the Sexes

Raising Sexual IQ to Lower Sexual Conflict and Empower Lasting Love

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Battles of the Sexes

Battles of the Sexes takes a fresh, scientifically updated look at relationships between 21st century females and males. It helps men and women understand their own sexual nature and that of the opposite sex, and develop sexual empathy for the other, as well as providing insight into the mismatch both sexes endure between our rapidly changing culture and our inherited nature and the resulting battles both genders fight.

Cutting-edge, yet understandable science is used to illustrate things like the effect of women’s menstrual cycles and the chemical and visual laws of attraction. Leading young adult health experts, Joe Malone PhD and Sarah Harris, MS, RDN, lay out what motivates the genders inside relationships, particularly men and their relationship with women and women and their relationship with food, in a way that encourages sexual empathy.

Battles of the Sexes illuminates how couples can recognize chemical dangers to their bonds and gives singles valuable insights for dating, while empowering loving, lasting, committed romance between men and women that will benefit not only them individually, but also our entire species.

Cutting Edge yet
Understandable Science
Raised My Sexual IQ

“Cutting-edge, yet understandable science that raises your Sexual IQ is what you will get from this powerful book. Authors Malone and Harris helped me understand the WHY behind the battles of the sexes.” 

—  Tom Dutta, Executive Coach

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