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Single 24 Year Old Post College Woman Interview Part 3

1.     How do you feel about the amount of romance versus the amount of hooking up in our society? Do you plan to settle down someday get married and have kids? Would you worry about the future fidelity of a prospective spouse that you know had been very promiscuous during and after college? Do you look for certain things in a man? (a certain job, education, etc.)

I think the amount of hooking up versus romance in today’s society is sad. I miss the times that my grandparents would tell me about. But I think that is the way our world is going. I miss the old-school, southern mentality. I miss when men were able to feel like men, needed and important and as providers. These days, women preach for equality but we have taken so much away from men that they don’t feel able to act like the fathers or grandfathers did before them. These days, women approach men instead of the other way around. Women are so intent on being strong and independent – I have never wanted any part of that. I want a man to be the head of the household, like the Bible says. I want my future husband to be a provider and protector. I don’t ever want to take that away from him. More than anything in this world, I want to get married and have several children. I think I would worry most about someone’s faithfulness in their previous relationships. Faithfulness and honesty are two of the most important things to me in a relationship, obviously not the only traits but those I find of upmost importance. I do look for certain things in a man and possible husband; they should be successful in their career and never settling, I would prefer them to have a college degree of some sort. Not necessarily a bachelor’s degree because I understand that in these times, it is almost more beneficial to be a master of a certain trade than just a 4-year college degree. I would prefer someone that has not been married previously and has no children.

2.     How do you feel about men being chivalrous and opening doors for you etc.? Do you like to be treated like a lady or would you prefer a more unisex, radical feminist approach? How did your parents and grandparents court? What are your thoughts on that lifestyle?

I would much rather have a man be chivalrous and open doors, stand up when I get up from the table, not sit down until I do, pull my chair out for me, come and pick me up for a date, not expect to “go dutch”, send me flowers, etc. I am a lady and expect to be treated like one, just as I have watched my dad treat my mom, my grandfather treat my grandmother and my brother-in-law treat my sister. I would kill to go back to my grandparent’s time. I would love for a man to go to dad and ask his permission to take me on a date. I would love for a man to pick me up from my house and bring me back after our date, without expecting to come in or go further than just an innocent kiss. That is the time I wish I grew up in.

3.     Is there anything you would like to add that I haven’t asked?

Not that I can think of but let me know if I missed anything or if you would like for me to further explain something.

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