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40 Year Old Post College Single Woman Interview Part 3

9. Current relationship climate:

- I am currently in a happy committed relationship. I feel confident in it and I think my match days are behind me. I did also try Tinder when I was single which led to a few dates with one person. I was never ghosted. Overall, there were times I hated match and the whole process because it can get very frustrating, but it worked for me in the end. If I did wind up single again I would use it to meet people.

10. Romance vs. hooking up:

- Personally, I am saddened that a lot of the romance in society has evaporated and that hooking up is widely acceptable. I am often grateful that I am not a young person growing up in today's world. I know every generation has said that, but I just believe it is much worse today. I have to believe that a lot of young women are not okay with it, but have a hard time saying no or trying to demand better treatment from males. A woman should be pursued and treated like a lady.

- Talking about the fidelity of males, I must admit I believe the majority of males cheat or would cheat if they had the opportunity to do so. I have felt this way for many many years and with the recent Me Too Movement it gives further proof that most men have serious issues controlling themselves sexually.

- Most definitely I had certain things I was looking for in a man. Like I said those things became more clear as I got older. It was hard to realize how important it was to pay attention to the BIG RED FLAGS as a younger person and to find someone easy to be with. Relationships should not be hard and so many of mine were. Life is hard and the relationship should be a place to find comfort and relief from all of the craziness going on.

11. Chivalry:

- I greatly appreciate chivalry. I think I have always liked it, but I value it more now than I did when I was younger. Sadly, I don't know much about what my grandparents were like when they courted. My parents met in high school and that is about all I know. I don't see my dad as having been super romantic, but who knows. I know when he pursued my stepmom he held up a huge sign on the side of the road for her to see on her way to work saying he loved her. That is very much out of his character.

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