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32 Year Old Single Post College Woman Interview Pt. 2

How satisfied are you with the current relationship climate? Do you like Tinder, Bumble and other dating apps? Describe why or why not? Have you ever been “ghosted”? How do you think all of these things affect your well-being? I've met FRIENDS on Plenty of Fish and Tinder, but I'd rather find someone the old fashion way-- at the grocery store, church, or etc. The guys on social media dating apps aren't as serious. Do you ever wish for more romance and less hooking up in today’s relationships? yes. I want to be married one day and this generation are all about hookups. It scares me a little because im scared I wont experience true love. Do youu plan to settle down someday get married and have kids? Would you worry about the future fidelity of a prospective spouse that you know had been very promiscuous during and after college? Do you look for certain things in a man? (a certain job, education, etc.) As far as a certain job, no. But I want my partner to be mentally, emotionally, physically, financially and spiritually stable before approaching me. How do you feel about men being chivalrous and opening doors for you etc.? Do you like to be treated like a lady or would you prefer a more unisex, radical feminist approach? How did your parents and grandparents court? What are your thoughts on that lifestyle? I LOVE a man that has chivalry. I adore a man that will open doors, watch "romantic" movies with me, and treat me like a lady. The man reason I love that is because my parents has shown this example for 30+ years in front of me. My parents started dating when they were 19 & 21. They didn't believe in dating for years nor "playing house" Is there anything you would like to add that I haven’t asked?

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