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24 Year Old Post College Single Woman Interview Pt. 2

1.   During college how did you perceive your peers attitudes toward sex? What did you think was happening with them in this area?

A majority of my peers perceived sex differently than I did in college. They did not see it as an intimate, special connection that two people share; they thought of it as something that was inconsequential and if it happened, it happened. It did not have to be with someone they were dating and if they did not talk to the individual after, it wasn’t an issue to them. Casual sex seems to be the norm for my peers. I believe they thought this way because of how our society portrays it. From tv shows that our generation has been exposed to, to social media, to different dating websites, the attitudes about sex have changed. Love is no longer a prerequisite for sex.

2.   If you did take part in hookup culture what were your feelings afterwards (the next morning).

As I stated earlier, the one time that I took part in the “hookup culture” I felt horrible the next morning. I did not feel like I was good enough because the individual didn’t talk to me after it; however, in reality, it is not that I wasn’t good enough, it was that I lost respect for myself and any standards that I had, so the individual had no respect for me either. Although I am embarrassed and ashamed of that experience, I learned a lot after that and confirmed my strong beliefs about sexual intimacy being with an individual that you have a special connection with.

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