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24 Year Old Post College Single Woman Interview Pt. 1

1.   Please describe your relationships during high school. Were any of them serious?

In high school, during the first two years I dated several different individuals. None of them were serious, we would go out on dates or go to parties together; however, if I did not feel a connection to the individual, I would offer us to just stay friends. Also, several guys in high school had only hooking up as a motive to date; I would not even kiss someone without getting to know them first, so you can imagine that if a guy I was talking to did not get what they wanted after a few dates with me, they would call it off. It was not until my junior year of high school until I had a serious relationship. We started off as just friends, which grew an awesome foundation for us, and then became official. We moved to Tennessee together and were a couple for four years. It eventually ended in a mutual way. We are still, to this day, great friends!

2.   Did you date during your college years? Was hookup culture a factor in your college experience? If so, please describe. Did you ever wish it could turn into something more romantically with any of them?

As I discussed earlier, my high school relationship carried over to college, so my first two years of college I was still in a serious relationship. He was not an individual that was insecure or did not want me to go places without him, therefore I still got to enjoy the college experience. After our relationship ended, I did not even want to date or partake in the hookup culture that several of my college peers suggested after the breakup to get my mind off it. Although I never hooked up with anyone after the break up I did meet an individual shortly after, which lead to a year of dating (another serious relationship during my sophomore year of college). I gravitated toward an individual that was 6 years older than me because of my maturity level and most of the college guys I was meeting had the same mindset as the individuals in high school, they just wanted to hook up. Although I enjoyed the maturity level of this relationship, he was ready for marriage and as someone who was still experiencing college life, we were not on the same page or level of each other, so the relationship came to an end. It was my decision to breakup, so unlike my high school sweetheart, this relationship did not end well and we have no connection to each other anymore. After this breakup, I went against my morals and hooked up with an individual that I barely knew. I had gone so long without falling into the hookup culture that so many individuals in college experience that I wanted to see what I was missing out on. Let’s just say I wasn’t missing out on anything! I felt awful about myself and wish it would have never happened. Of course I wanted it to turn into something more, however, because I had no respect for myself, the individual did not take it seriously and we did not talk much after that occurred. With the standards and respect that I have for myself, I promised I would never let that happen again and it never did. So to conclude your question, I never partook in the hookup culture in college, aside from the one experience I had. I always have had long term relationships and never was interested in just “hooking up”.

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